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Why I Joined H&J




Feb 4, 2016


My name is Dustin Sockwell and I joined H&J Petroleum in December 2015 as the Business Development Manager. My family and I had moved from Midland to Oklahoma City in the summer of 2014 in search of something, we just weren’t sure what. I was working for Baker Hughes when the downturn hit and was laid off in March of 2015. During that time, I got the privilege of staying home with my four daughters and being Mr. Mom for a while. That was the hardest, yet most rewarding, job of my life. Through the hardships we became a much closer family, not only to each other but to God as well and I knew that was what we had been looking for. In the search for a job I knew that I didn’t want just the first thing that came along, I wanted the right thing. H&J Petroleum was that right thing – a company founded on faith and family, with the values and knowledge needed to not only sustain, but prosper, in our current economic climate. It’s a company with the core principles that I want my daughters to look for when it’s their turn to go out into the world.