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H&J's Weekly Energy News Roundup 05.07.15




May 7, 2015


Looking For Opportunities

Welcome to H&J Petroleum’s very first Weekly Energy News Roundup!

We all know that oil prices are down and companies are having to scale back their CAPEX budgets. Recently, it seems as every news article has something negative to say about the oil and gas industry, BUT there is hope. With new technology and creative business strategies in the energy sector, we can look to the future. Take a look into the best of this week’s articles discussing opportunities during this energy downturn:

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The Oil Industry’s Great Crew Change — Why It’s Even More Complicated Now

The Great Crew Change used to be a phenomenon that everyone in the oil and gas industry could easily describe. When it was referenced, people knew it referred to the large age gap in the oil & gas workforce, where most engineers and geoscientists were either over 55 or under […] read >>


Old gas field opens up new drilling opportunities

What’s old is new again when it comes to the Cotton Valley sands formation in north Louisiana. An old field that’s produced natural gas since the 1940s and ’50s, the Cotton Valley formation has opened up new opportunities for drilling […] read >> [/one_half]

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Big Oil Companies Find Gains in Trading LONDON

Some of the world’s biggest energy companies are finding healthy profits amid the oil-price collapse in a little-publicized corner of their business empires: their trading divisions. The world’s biggest oil companies came out better than many analysts had expected […] read >>

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U.S. oil rigs fall for 21st week as supply shows signs of easing

HOUSTON (Bloomberg) — Oil explorers idled rigs in U.S. fields for the 21st straight week, extending an unprecedented retreat in drilling that has curbed domestic output and helped crude prices rally[…] read >>


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