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H&J's Energy Roundup 5.21.15




May 21, 2015

Changing the Game and Looking Forward to the Future.

Welcome to H&J Petroleum’s Weekly Energy News Roundup!

With WTI settling around the $60/bbl over the past few weeks, sentiment around the industry has improved but there are still short term challenges to oil moving even higher.  One thing we can say for sure is that the shale revolution in the United States is here to stay and new efficiencies  will continue to help the price to produce a barrel of oil to drop.    

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OPEC’s Next Meeting Is Less Than A Month Away…

On June 5, all eyes will be on OPEC as the group convenes in Vienna to plot its course for the second half of 2015. Saudi Arabia and its Gulf peers have consistently pursued a market share protection strategy since the group’s last meeting on November 27. In the days leading up to the meeting[…] read>>>

Eagle Ford sees first drilling activity increase in six months

It’s a mixed bag of economic indicators for the Eagle Ford Shale where one report says crude oil production is down and another says new drilling activity is up for the first time in six months. The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) released a report on Wednesday […] read>>>


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The Importance of Texas’ Oil and Natural Gas Surge

If Texas were its own nation (I know, I know Texans, it already is!), the economy would rank as the 12th largest in the world, at about $1.6 trillion. Texas has been repeatedly cited as 1st in “best state for business”Chief Executive Magazine.  […] read>>>

Oil industry has proven robustness, efficiency in face of low prices

SAN ANGELO — The oil industry has faced a tough eight months. Commodity prices have decreased by half, tens of thousands of jobs have been lost worldwide and oil companies have had first-quarter losses and a hemorrhaging of cash reserves. But […] read>>>


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