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Gaining Traction




Jan 12, 2015

What an excellent whirlwind the last couple of weeks have been for H&J Petroleum.  The days have been filed with numerous phone calls, meeting, and emails between business partners, lawyers, accountants,insurance agents, friends, and trusted advisers,  Up until late last week it seemed as if those efforts were having a hard time gaining traction.  However, recently things have started to come together thanks to many people.

I grew up in Midland and as any other “local” will attest the Oil Boom in Midland has brought many new faces with it.  Where it was once typical to go out to eat at a popular restaurant and seemingly know everyone there, it is now more common to look around and wonder to myself “where did all these people come from?”.  I sometimes lament how Midland has lost that small town feel I knew growing up.  Please do not mistake me, some of my closest friends and work acquaintances “ain’t from around here”, but there is no doubt that Midland is much different and larger than the town I knew as a boy. However, two of the people who have been of the utmost help recently  are also life long Midlanders as well as classmates of mine.  While I would run into these guys on occasion and kind of knew what they did, we have not really kept up with each other over the years.  It is quite nostalgic to know even though Midland has grown tremendously over the last couple of years, there are still old friends around to help when in need.

A special shout out to Micheal McKeller with InSoure Insurance Group and Brandon McClain with LMB Real Estate Group.