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Foundation Part 5 – Excellence

In Part’s 1-4 of our series on core values, we explored how Faith, Safety, Integrity, and Education build the foundation upon which H&J Petroleum Management & Consulting was established. Our final post in the series we will discuss how Excellence ties these fundamental values together.

“Perfection is not attainable but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.”

These words of inspiration are all the more inspiring coming from a man who practiced what he preached.  Vince Lombardi would make most anyone’s short list of the greatest football coaches of all time, leading the Packers to five NFL titles including two Super Bowl Championships in the 1960’s.  It is with that same philosophy in which H&J Petroleum Management & Consulting was founded upon.  But the question begs, what is excellence?

Excellence is the opposite of average.  It is more than fulfilling all of ones duties, and even more than exceeding expectations.  Excellence in an individual inspires and motivates others around them to become better. Excellence in groups of people has the ability to inspire entire companies, towns, nations, and even the world.

Excellence is not the end result of reaching a goal but the path upon which one took, it transcends jobs, circumstances, and individuals.  The attitude or heart in which you accomplish your goals helps defines excellence.  Martin Luther King Jr. might have illustrated this guiding principal the best.  “If a man is called to be a street sweeper, he should sweep streets even as a Michelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music or Shakespeare wrote poetry. He should sweep streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will pause to say, ‘Here lived a great street sweeper who did his job well.”

Three paradigms on value shape the world:

Paradigm #1 – Conservation of Value

Just as the guiding principal of the conservation of mass states “mass is neither created nor destroyed” so is there is also a certain amount of value in the world that remains constant.

This theory provokes to two types of behavior.  The first is a spirit of timidity and guilt.  One that fears success because they believe it can only come at the expense of others.  The second one is of greed and power as these people believe the adage they must take and use from the weaker party to increase their value.

Neither behavior promotes progress and are poison to a business, family, government, or any organization however it is not uncommon to see this attitude prevail.  You can often times see this when different people or groups work together and do not seem to accomplish anything.

Paradigm #2 – Value growth is cumulative

This second philosophy is that if you take a group of people and put their efforts towards a common goal or task that one’s effort is added to the other increasing the overall value of the project through the use of teams and collaborative efforts.  Most people operate under this assumption and most modern businesses operate under these principals.

Paradigm #3 – Value growth is exponential

Value growth is exponential initially does not look much different than value growth is cumulative.  It is still a group of people working toward a common goal.  However the goal is now something much larger than a task.  It involves reaching someone on a deeper level, a level that connects with their spirit.  It excites people to their core. Work no longer becomes work and instead is just another opportunity to enhance the lives around them and thus providing enrichment to their own life.  It is not often that an organization can reach its members and partners on this level but when it does amazing things can happen.

Philosofphy of Value

As you can see from the chart above exponential value creation spreads like a wildfire but to be able to reach individuals and groups on this levels requires a deeper level of goals to exist.

In 1980, the cold war between the USA and the Soviet Union had been going on for several decades and was in full swing.  The two countries were set to battle each other in the ice hockey rink at the Lake Placid XIII Olympic Winter Games.  It was not expected to be much of a battle.  By just about anyone’s measure the Russians had significantly more talent than the United States.  The Soviets recent Olympic record was unmatched, winning all four previous gold metals dating back to 1964 and an overall record of 27-1-1, by outscoring their opponents by an average of almost 4-1.

Herb Brooks the head coach for Team USA recognized that the winter Olympics was much more than a hockey game but represented the apparent battle waged in the mind and hearts of Americans across the United States.  Not by talent, but through connecting with each players spirit, the United States came out victorious in the gold medal match which pitted the two super powers against each other.

Our previous posts on H&J’s core values are in areas we will transcend our circumstances, exponentially create value, and set the standard in how business is conducted, not only within the upstream oil & gas industry, but all whom are in our sphere of influence.

Excellence is the final link in the continuum of our core values.

Circle of values

Faith in Jesus Christ is the cornerstone of H&J Petroleum and may everything we do, be done to store up eternal treasures. May we show the love of Christ to the world through our commitment to safety and our actions follow our words in integrity. May we grow and share our knowledge and experiences to better our industry through education, and may we do this with such force and conviction that others can’t help but join us so that our efforts are multiplied exponentially through excellence.


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