Home Update

H&J is pleased to announce our newly formed Alliance with Murchison Drilling School.  This alliance provides a tremendous leap forward in H&J’s education program.  Through this program  H&J has access to MDS’s highly qualified and experienced drilling personnel and prized curriculum in training for drilling operations and well control. H&J knew of MDS by their reputation [&

  My name is Dustin Sockwell and I joined H&J Petroleum in December 2015 as the Business Development Manager. My family and I had moved from Midland to Oklahoma City in the summer of 2014 in search of something, we just weren’t sure what. I was working for Baker Hughes when the downturn hit and […]

The value of continued education can be overlooked in many cases for various reasons but at H&J we feel as though it is an integral part of what defines us. Developing our education program is something I take tremendous pride for and am extremely excited about having a lead role in. The in-house aspect of our […]

In Part’s 1-4 of our series on core values, we explored how Faith, Safety, Integrity, and Education build the foundation upon which H&J Petroleum Management & Consulting was established. Our final post in the series we will discuss how Excellence ties these fundamental values together. “Perfection is not attainable but if we chase perfection we […]

In Foundation – Part 1 “The Cornerstone” I discussed how our faith is the cornerstone of our business.  In part 2, I will discuss how and why safety was chosen as our second core value. Safety is defined as “the condition of being safe from undergoing or causing hurt, injury, or loss.” I will talk more about […]

The Foundation H&J Petroleum Management & Consulting, LP was founded upon its core values of Faith, Safety, Integrity, Education, and Excellence.  In a previous post (About Us Post), I gave a short summary of what that means to us as a company.  In the next 5 part series, I will be expanding on how these […]

There has been a significant amount of change in our lives over the last six to eight months.  We moved into a two bedroom “barnomenium”, we have birthed new life into our family and careers.  Two weeks ago today my family welcomed a brand new baby girl into this world.  My first born son, soon […]

The last couple of weeks have been productive.  We have moved (partially anyway) into our new office.  We have had contracts and agreements written up and have made many important decisions.  The achievement I am most proud of up until now are the words which will follow this introduction. One of the most important things […]

What an excellent whirlwind the last couple of weeks have been for H&J Petroleum.  The days have been filed with numerous phone calls, meeting, and emails between business partners, lawyers, accountants,insurance agents, friends, and trusted advisers,  Up until late last week it seemed as if those efforts were having a hard time gaining traction.  However, […]

Oil is at a 5 1/2 year low. The sharpest one week drop in the Baker Hughes Rig Count since 1991 happened this week. I sold my house 6 months ago and moved into an apartment inside my barn with my wife and 3 year old son. My wife is due to have a baby […]