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H&J is pleased to announce our newly formed Alliance with Murchison Drilling School.  This alliance provides a tremendous leap forward in H&J’s education program.  Through this program  H&J has access to MDS’s highly qualified and experienced drilling personnel and prized curriculum in training for drilling operations and well control. H&J knew of MDS by their reputation [&

Brought to you by the Today Show Before each game, Virginia Tech men’s basketball coach Buzz Williams wants to make sure his players know the national anthem is something to be respected. To drive home the point, Williams brought in a group of military veterans to teach his squad about the importance of standing at […]

Thanksgiving day is complete and Christmas time will be here before we all know it. I hope that everyone’s had an opportunity to relax during the Holiday. I myself have returned to work refreshed and reminded of the reasons I work and all the blessing from the Lord in which I am thankful. My mother […]

Background Divergence is a useful tool in technical analysis. It is a situation where the price of an asset and a correlated indicator move in opposite directions. Divergence highlights a situation where the indicator may be alerting managers that the the factors supporting the status quo trend of the asset are changing and may portend […]

The third quarter of 2015 just might be one of the most significant in H&J’s short history. At the beginning of June, we started actively searching for the right individual to help lead our company through the role of Business Development Manager. The decision to do so was not something that Michael, Nick nor I […]

Background NYMEX Light Sweet Crude Oil began a precipitous decline in July 2014 from more than $100 to less than $50 per barrel. When oil began dropping exploration and production as measured by the Baker Hughes North America Rig Count continued to increase until late October/early November 2014 when oil dropped below $80 and operators […]

The value of continued education can be overlooked in many cases for various reasons but at H&J we feel as though it is an integral part of what defines us. Developing our education program is something I take tremendous pride for and am extremely excited about having a lead role in. The in-house aspect of our […]

Brought to you by Blacklion Capital Management Background NYMEX Light Sweet Crude Oil has been in a volatile downtrend since July 2014 with large price swings mostly to the downside detailed in Chart 1 below. Chart 1 NYMEX Light Sweet Crude Oil Futures, source: CME Group NYMEX and eSignal/Interactive Data This week the trend was interrupted when […]

In Part’s 1-4 of our series on core values, we explored how Faith, Safety, Integrity, and Education build the foundation upon which H&J Petroleum Management & Consulting was established. Our final post in the series we will discuss how Excellence ties these fundamental values together. “Perfection is not attainable but if we chase perfection we […]

Background July is an important month for Americans in oil and gas exploration and production. Each year we celebrate the birth of our nation, 239 this year. July 2015 we also celebrate one (1) year from when NYMEX WTI traded above $100. July 3, 2014 NYMEX WTI Light Sweet Crude Oil Futures (CL) settled at […]