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Thanksgiving day is complete and Christmas time will be here before we all know it. I hope that everyone’s had an opportunity to relax during the Holiday. I myself have returned to work refreshed and reminded of the reasons I work and all the blessing from the Lord in which I am thankful. My mother […]

The third quarter of 2015 just might be one of the most significant in H&J’s short history. At the beginning of June, we started actively searching for the right individual to help lead our company through the role of Business Development Manager. The decision to do so was not something that Michael, Nick nor I […]

In Part’s 1-4 of our series on core values, we explored how Faith, Safety, Integrity, and Education build the foundation upon which H&J Petroleum Management & Consulting was established. Our final post in the series we will discuss how Excellence ties these fundamental values together. “Perfection is not attainable but if we chase perfection we […]

Continuing The Founders Series on H&J Petroleum Management & Consulting’s about our core values is our 4th post in the series on education. See the first 3 post here https://hjpetro.com/category/core-values/ Working for a consulting firm for 8 ½ years, prior to starting H&J Petroleum Management & Consulting, I have had an opportunity to observe some […]

Foundation – Part 3 “Lighthouse” [one_half] Foundation – Part 3 is about our third core value Integrity.  My sense of humor may be somewhat off, but I found the comic to the side to illustrate the definition of integrity humorously, even if it is striking. Integrity is when your actions meet your values.  It is where when […]

In Foundation – Part 1 “The Cornerstone” I discussed how our faith is the cornerstone of our business.  In part 2, I will discuss how and why safety was chosen as our second core value. Safety is defined as “the condition of being safe from undergoing or causing hurt, injury, or loss.” I will talk more about […]

The Foundation H&J Petroleum Management & Consulting, LP was founded upon its core values of Faith, Safety, Integrity, Education, and Excellence.  In a previous post (About Us Post), I gave a short summary of what that means to us as a company.  In the next 5 part series, I will be expanding on how these […]