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Thanksgiving day is complete and Christmas time will be here before we all know it. I hope that everyone’s had an opportunity to relax during the Holiday. I myself have […]

The third quarter of 2015 just might be one of the most significant in H&J’s short history. At the beginning of June, we started actively searching for the right individual […]

In Part’s 1-4 of our series on core values, we explored how Faith, Safety, Integrity, and Education build the foundation upon which H&J Petroleum Management & Consulting was established. Our […]

Continuing The Founders Series on H&J Petroleum Management & Consulting’s about our core values is our 4th post in the series on education. See the first 3 post here https://hjpetro.com/category/core-values/ […]

Foundation – Part 3 “Lighthouse” [one_half] Foundation – Part 3 is about our third core value Integrity.  My sense of humor may be somewhat off, but I found the comic […]

In Foundation – Part 1 “The Cornerstone” I discussed how our faith is the cornerstone of our business.  In part 2, I will discuss how and why safety was chosen as our […]

The Foundation H&J Petroleum Management & Consulting, LP was founded upon its core values of Faith, Safety, Integrity, Education, and Excellence.  In a previous post (About Us Post), I gave […]