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A word from H&J's President




Dec 1, 2015

Thanksgiving day is complete and Christmas time will be here before we all know it. I hope that everyone’s had an opportunity to relax during the Holiday. I myself have returned to work refreshed and reminded of the reasons I work and all the blessing from the Lord in which I am thankful.

My mother had us participate in an exercise during our Thanksgiving Meal. She simply wrote everyone at the tables name on a piece of paper, at the top it said “I am thankful for ______ because:” At first it seemed a bit cliché, but before it was over I’m not sure there was a dry eye in the room. It was a great lesson I’d like to share to take the available opportunities and tell those that we love how and why we are thankful for them. Expressing gratitude is not only good for those to whom you express it, but even more so for the one expressing it.

The Holiday Season is typically a very busy time of year for people and H&J is no exception to that. Some of the more notable things happening here at H&J have to do with the addition of some new members to our team. In our last newsletter, I mentioned that we filled our Business Development Manager Position. December 1st marks Dustin Sockwell’s first day with us here at H&J. There have been several benefits to starting a company during an industry downturn of which the biggest has been the availability of some excellent individuals. Dustin has worked in both operations and sales in oil & gas and has direct experience in what H&J does on a day to day basis but, that is not what attracted us most to Dustin. What attracted us most was how Dustin and his family’s value system matched ours here at H&J, and most importantly their desire to serve God. If you have been following our company at all since January of last year, I hope you know by now how we try to differentiate ourselves, through our hearts desire is to build a business and culture where we can work towards something together that is much greater than ourselves. We believe Dustin is a key member to help drive that growth!

We have also been fortunate to bring on four other contract employees. First, Gary Alley is assisting with wellsite supervision over completions. Gary has 30+ years of experience in drilling and completion operations with over 20 of them involving direct supervision. We have also added Jerry Chandler and Will Ross on the drilling side of things. Jerry has over 30 years of experience on drilling rigs with the last 10 as a Wellsite Supervisor (much of which, to my good fortune, has been directly with me). Will Ross has a BS in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Texas. He has spent the last 8 years in a variety of roles and positions. His unique blend of engineering and field experience brings additional capacity and skills to our engineering team. Since he has joined us he has been working diligently expanding our efforts in the Delaware Basin. In addition, you should be able to find Rebecca Bajgier in our office on most days, while Rebecca wears a variety of hats the majority of her time has been assisting our engineering efforts through her role as Engineering Tech. She has only been with us a short period of time, but I don’t know what we would do without her. We thank God for allowing our company to prosper during this time of reduced activity.

Please do not miss in this issue an opportunity to support a cause that is close to all of our hearts here at H&J: Chloe Castillo was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on her 7th birthday. While receiving treatment one Christmas, she decided to give all of her fellow cancer patients her favorite gift: A “Build-A-Bear”. Less than 2 years later Chloe lost her hard fought battle to cancer and went home to our Lord where she rests cancer-free. That same rare cancer also took Cody Johnson’s life at the age of 10. Cody is H&J’s VP of Engineering, Michael Johnson’s brother. H&J will be providing “Build-A-Bears” to patients at Covenant Children’s Hospital Oncology Christmas Party on December 6th, with your help. We are excited to have the opportunity to bring smiles to the faces of children fighting battles with cancer in West Texas and would like to extend this opportunity to you. Please visit the gofundme page we have set up to find out exactly how you can help!

We pray everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and has a Merry Christmas.





Matt Hood