H&J Petroleum Management & Consulting is committed to excellence by exceeding the expectations of its employees and clients. We put in the extra effort to define and live a culture that is remarkable. Remarkable is defined by Randy Ross and David Salyers in the book “Remarkable!” as “notably or conspicuously unusual; extraordinary; worthy of notice or attention. The ideas come from… a lifetime of observing some extraordinary people and organizations as they live out their conspicuously unusual ideas, producing uncommon results. The effect is that those who work for and those who benefit from these people and organizations find themselves with an irrepressible desire to “remark about them!” One of the more distinct and visual ways H&J accomplishes this is through the education program it provides to its consultants.

First and Foremost, H&J provides the culture and resources to our employees, so that they can provide a safe work environment for the jobs and people in which their care is entrusted. We complete this task by practicing behavioral based safety and educating our people. All of our contractors and employees must meet a minimum requirement of passing PEC’s SafelandUSA, basic first aid and CPR, training.

We hold and require month safety meeting for all employees and consultants to attend in which we address any incidents, accidents, near misses, and operational inefficiencies. We assemble these lessons learned to prevent future unplanned events through consistent reinforcement of behavioral safety and to develop a culture that honors and respects safe practices.

H&J Petroleum’s consultants come to us through a wide range of experience and skills; our aim is to make them more proficient in all areas that result in a successful project. We insure that our employees have the technical skills required to complete a job through a combination of industry recognized schools and in-house training.

Often times overlooked, but critical to achieving the excellent results we expect are the soft skills of management, communication, and problem solving. We provide and support our employees allowing them to graduate from supervisors and managers into the leaders of today’s oil-field. We provide our employees suggested reading, leadership conferences and retreats, industry recognized training, and in-house training.

H&J Petroleum’s in-house training consist of three basic and critical parts. All have unique benefits and serve a specific role in providing a complete learning experience.

Online Training Modules – These computer-based training components are worked at the learners individual pace and provide a fundamental knowledge and familiarity with the material.

Classroom Training – Led by experienced supervisors with proven knowledge and strong teaching abilities, the classroom experience provides a platform for questions to be asked, the material covered in the online modules to be explored with an instructor, and reinforcement of the necessary concepts for the learner.

On-the-job Training – Putting the concepts into practice, while being supervised and guided to ensure proficiency will give the learner the complete learning experience and ensure that they can implement what they know.

We believe in the value of education and welcome the opportunity to partner with you to grow in your knowledge and skills.