How We Got Started

H&J Petroleum was founded with the purpose of providing management, consulting and education services to the oil & gas industry. H&J’s three founders are degreed engineers who have served the oil & gas industry for over 40 years. H&J Petroleum was established with the goal of becoming recognized as an industry leader in upstream project management, technical expertise, and field supervisory services. Our company is devoted to a culture of safety. We believe in operating and managing our company according to our core principles of faith, safety, integrity, education and excellence. The cornerstone of H&J is our belief and faith in Jesus Christ. Our attitude is based on Ecclesiastes 9:10, “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might.” H&J Petroleum distinguishes itself from its competitors by providing value in every transaction, to all of the stakeholders in that transaction, including our clients, employees, and ourselves. One of the more apparent ways we achieve that is through our deep focus on the education of our employees and contractors. We invest in our front line personnel and technical staff to make sure they bring the highest possible value to our clients, our employees, and our company. We are dedicated to the pursuit of quality and striving for excellence in all areas of our services and within the communities we live and work in.

H&J’s pricing structure also provides more value to our customers. Unlike the flat rate many competitors offer, we offer our clients a tiered pricing system. The primary factors considered in our pricing method are experience, education and skill level. At H&J, in accordance with our pursuit of excellence, we are committed to grow at a sustainable rate. In order for us to provide the level of support necessary to our clients and contractors, we focus on smaller quantity of work delivered at the highest quality and value.

Mission Statement

H&J’s mission is to optimize our client’s upstream operations by providing superior technical services, project management, and field supervisory services while upholding our core values of: Faith, Safety, Integrity, Education and Excellence.

Core Values

H&J’s founding partners have FAITH that Jesus Christ is the Son of the one true God and without Him we would not have been able to begin, nor continue, the development of H&J. It is through Christ we manage our lives and it is through him that we manage our business. We believe in a culture of SAFETY and we are devoted to developing a culture where not only each individual is encouraged to work towards a safer working environment but a culture where each individual will also take up action to support a safer working environment. Honor and INTEGRITY will be the basis for making decisions. If necessary we believe in sacrificing economic and personal gain to uphold our strong moral principles.

As a company we will be advocates for the people we represent including our clients, employees, and contractors. H&J believes in the EDUCATION of its employees and contractors. Developing our critical front line personnel and technical staff is a key differentiator between us and our competitors. H&J has identified fundamental skills for our team to do their job most effective and efficiently. H&J monitors, measures, and supports these skills to provide better service to our clients. Binding all of our core values together is EXCELLENCE. We are committed to the pursuit of excellence and believe in striving for excellence in all areas not only within our skills but within the communities we live and work in.

Management Team

Matt Hood

Matt Hood

Partner | President

Nick Hood

Nick Hood

Partner | Vice-President